Important Security Information for Your EyeEm Account

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Dear community,

Earlier this week, we became aware of a data security incident involving your account information. The incident did not affect any commercial or financial data, nor any of your payout information or photos. We are working with external security experts and authorities to thoroughly investigate what happened and implement further security features. 

What Happened:

On Tuesday 12th of February 2019, our team became aware of a data security incident, which may have affected certain EyeEm users’ data. The potentially exposed data may have included your name, email address and an encrypted version of your password.

  • Data affected does not include any payment or payout data.
  • This incident has not affected your EyeEm photos.
  • EyeEm does not store cleartext passwords anywhere. All passwords are salted and hashed, a form of encryption which means the password strings cannot simply be used to log into accounts.
  • While we only learned about the incident earlier this week, the data incident seems to have happened around a year ago.

What Are We Doing? 

We have been working around the clock to investigate the incident and secure the security of EyeEm users’ accounts. Despite no indication of accounts being compromised, we immediately disabled all passwords as a security precaution and started informing the EyeEm community. 

We also upgraded our password protection mechanisms as part of an extensive internal audit of our systems and processes with the support of external security experts and authorities. 

What Should You Do? 

Incidents like this are unfortunately becoming more frequent online. While we learn from this, and work hard to ensure your data security in the future, security is a two-way street, and there are things that you can do to protect yourself on EyeEm and other online platforms. 

  • Do not reuse old passwords, and ensure you choose a strong, new password.
  • Do not use the same passwords on multiple websites.
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication whenever possible.
  • Use a password management tool. Tools like that store your passwords securely, generate new ones, and warn you if you’ve chosen an insecure one.

We will continue to communicate any relevant updates as we wrap up this investigation, and will work constantly at improving our security measures to guarantee that your EyeEm experience remains great.

Our community has always been our biggest motivation and driver. We are grateful for your continued support and feedback. You put your trust in us. That is a responsibility that we are thankful for, and one that we take very seriously. 

Should you have any questions regarding your account please feel free to contact our Support team at You can review our Privacy Policy here and can reach our Data Privacy Protection Officer via  


Ramzi Rizk 
EyeEm Co-Founder & CTO

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