How long will my photos be "Under Review"?

After you submit your photo to EyeEm Market, it will immediately enter the Review Process. This means that a team of Photo Editors will review your photo to evaluate the quality and check if they need any releases. If your photo doesn’t need a release, it’ll be made available for sale on EyeEm Market with a commercial license: 

If there are people or property in your photo, it can only be sold with an editorial license. Our Photo Editors will flag any required releases. Your photo will then be made available for sale on EyeEm Market with an editorial license: 

If you want to sell the photo with a commercial license - and potentially make more money - you need to get permission from each identifiable person (or property owner) by asking them to sign a release. Once all releases are signed, our Photo Editors will look them over to make sure they’re valid. Your photo will then be made available with a commercial license, instead of an editorial one:

 The EyeEm Collection is an image distribution partnership between EyeEm and selected partners such as Getty Images and Alamy. Handpicked by EyeEm’s curators, The Collection gets your photos in front of an extended network of photo buyers, thus maximizing your sales and expanding your reach. 

You’ll know when your photo is up for sale on partner sites because the status will change from “Selected for Premium Collection” to “Premium Collection” on the photo view:

Find out more about releases here.

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