How does EyeEm Selects help me choose what to upload?

How does the scanning process work?

Using EyeEm Vision, our image recognition technology, the photos on your camera roll will be scanned to determine their aesthetic score. The scanning time can vary between a few minutes and a few hours, depending on how many images you have on your device.


Will my photos remain private?

Absolutely. Since the scanning process takes place 100% on your device, none of your images are sent to or stored on any servers – it’s completely secure and does not compromise your privacy.


Why don’t all of my photos get scanned?

To ensure that we only suggest photos taken by you, we have excluded photos received via messaging services like WhatsApp – this includes images stored in your “Downloads” folder.


Will photos stored in the cloud get scanned?

If you’re using an iPhone and store your photos on iCloud, these will be scanned. In order to prevent using your mobile data plan, please connect to wifi if you’d like to scan images that aren’t available on your device.

If you’re using an Android device, we’re only scanning photos stored on your device locally. For the time being, images stored in the cloud (such as on Google Photos) will not be scanned.


Can I remove suggestions that I don’t want to upload?

Of course – just swipe down to remove any images you don’t want to upload via EyeEm Selects. Since everything takes place on your device, we’ll lose the information about your removed images if you delete the app. This means EyeEm Selects may suggest these images to you again, should you reinstall EyeEm.


Will the photos suggested by EyeEm Selects sell on Market?

Our algorithm has been trained to find images with a higher potential of selling. However, please bear in mind that we can’t guarantee a photo suggested via EyeEm Selects will sell.


Will the scanning process impact my battery life?

Yes. While the app is scanning your photos, it will use more battery on your device than usual. This in mind, we recommend connecting your phone to a power source if scanning a large quantity of images. If you’d like to save battery life, you can also pause the scanning process in your settings.  


Can I deactivate EyeEm Selects?

You can deactivate scanning at any time, should you wish to. Simply go to your EyeEm settings (profile -> settings -> EyeEm Selects) and deactivate the “Scan my photos” option.


What will happen when I deactivate EyeEm Selects?

Upon deactivation, the app will immediately stop scanning your photos. You will also no longer see suggestions from EyeEm Selects when uploading images. Photos that were previously scanned will not be cleared, so you don’t need to start the scanning process from the beginning if you decide to reactivate – EyeEm Selects will simply continue where it finished prior to deactivation.


Why can’t I access EyeEm Selects?

Not all devices support EyeEm Selects at the moment, due to the CPU architecture of the device. If the feature doesn’t appear on your photo picker screen in the app, your phone is likely not supported.

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