I’ve sold a photo. Now what?

Congratulations! Here are the next steps:

  • Connect with PayPal - The payment system we use with our community is PayPal, so please sign up to receive your earnings. 

  • Why can’t I connect my PayPal? - 
  1. Your name must be written exactly as it is in on your Paypal account. Typically we have issues with non-English characters like "ß" or ü. So be sure to try variations of those if you have any in your name!
  2. If there is any discrepancy or missed verification with your email address or if your PayPal is missing bank account / verificationPayPal__Summary.jpg

  3. Your PayPal is already connected to another EyeEm account. We are unable to connect one PayPal account to two EyeEm accounts, so you would need to create another PayPal account.
  • Who bought my photo? - Unfortunately, under our privacy policy we are not able to divulge the buyer of your photo. Please see Terms of Service for more information. 
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