Why were my photos rejected?

Photos rejections on Market can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Low resolution - Photos need to have a resolution higher than 2 megapixels to be licensed on Market.
  • Watermarks - Photos with watermarks cannot be sold on EyeEm Market. In the example below, the name in the bottom right hand corner needs to be removed.Kirsty_watermark.JPG To look like this:

  • Overly edited - Buyers won’t consider photos where the edits are too extreme. For example:
  • Out of focus -  Images which are not clearly defined can also be rejected. For example:

  • Repetitive content (nature, etc) - Diversify your photos. Uploading sister shots or images which are always the same will mean fewer of your images will be chosen for Market.
  • Terms of Service - Photos that breach the EyeEm Terms Of Service can also be rejected.
  • Photo Collages - Photos that contain multiple images will not be chosen. For example:

For tips and tricks on what sells on EyeEm, head over to our blog.

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