How are photos priced?


When you sell a photo through EyeEm Market, you will always receive 50% of the revenue.

The amount the photo sells for depends on the license purchased:

  1. Social Licenses sell for $20 per photo.
  2. Web Licenses sell for $50 per photo.
  3. Full Commercial Licenses sell for $250 per photo.

If you want to know more about licensing and copyright issues, please refer to the Terms of Service page.

The Difference between EyeEm Market pricing and partner pricing

EyeEm Market Pricing offers a set price. More details about these licenses can be found on the Subscriptions FAQ. Photos sold through Partner Pricing can vary in price according to the partner’s own set pricing systems.

The Difference between Commercial and Editorial License

Photos with a Commercial License are more likely to sell because buyers can use them for a wider range of purposes. Photos that either require no releases or have had all the releases signed qualify for a Commercial License. Photos that haven’t had their releases completed are made available only with an Editorial License.

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