How can I get my photos seen?

Getting seen via Missions

Missions are photo competitions, often run in partnership with publishers and brands. Photographers are invited to upload photos on a specific topic or theme. After the Mission ends, EyeEm’s photo editors select the winners and runners up, who will get featured on the blog and often win prizes. Taking part in Missions will expose your photos to a larger amount of buyers and photographers.  

Importance of keywording

Keywording is one of the best ways to get your photos seen. Photographers search using specific keywords to find the photos they are looking for. The more relevant keywords you use, the more chance there is of your photos being seen.


Adding location tags to your photos means other photographers can find your photos more easily. It can also be inspiring to see what other photos have been taken in the same location.

For more information on location tagging, check out our blog post.

Interacting with other photographers

You can engage with the EyeEm Community by following and interacting with photographers that inspire you. Doing so will help you hone your own style and provide insights into current photography trends.

You can also check out our recommended photographers post and pick up more tips on how to get your photos seen by following these links to the blog. 

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