What are releases and when are they needed?

A model release is required if a face or part of the body is recognisable in your photo.

A property release is required if there are any identifiable private or public buildings/ landmarks in the photo. Intellectual property will also need a release from the brand owner featured. This includes: logos, trademarks, product designs or artwork. 


You can read more about when and why releases are needed on our blog hereTo avoid needing a release take a look at these editing tips.

If your model appears in more than one photo, you can send out multiple releases:


Multi Release Management from EyeEm on Vimeo.

• Log on to EyeEm on the web, open the notifications pane and go to your To Dos
• Click “Releases for multiple photos” 
• Select all photos that show the same person
• Click next and fill out the model’s name
• Click next and share the link with your model

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