How do I increase my chances of selling?

Getting model releases

Buyers prefer photos that have all the model releases signed, as they can be used for a wider range of purposes.

For more information, please see the Difference between Commercial and Editorial License

Avoiding logos and other property release

It’s important when taking photos to check whether there will be any logos or property releases required. Adjusting your photos to avoid capturing these will increase your chances of selling.  

Check out the blog for extra tips on photo editing to avoid logos

For more information, please see: Difference between Commercial and Editorial License

Location tags

Adding location tags to your photos makes it easier for buyers to find your photos.  Buyers often look for images taken at specific cities, countries or locations. Adding these tags can help your photos stand out from the crowd. 

Avoiding sister shots

Uploading multiple photos of the same thing with only small differences will mean that not all of those photos will be submitted to Market. For instance, if you take two photos of the same building:


And only minorly change the angle the photo was taken, then this can result in photos being rejected.


Uploading highest resolution possible

Images under 4MP cannot be accepted. Buyers prefer images with higher resolution because they can use them for a wider range of purposes, such as advertising and printing.

For more tips on selling your photos on Market, check out these blog posts. 

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